Export PSD to CSS and XHTML

About PSD 2 CSS

PSD 2 CSS Script create CSS file from all Text Layers.

So, you can easily style text (ID's, Classes and tags!) for your websites, directly in Adobe Photoshop.

ID, Class, tag recognition; Color, Size, Font, Style, Align, Leading; HTML Preview; ...and more.
Why LITE version?:
Im working on extended script which will export whole page webdesign from .PSD to .CSS standart structured .XHTML (with images, backgrounds, relative & absolute positioning,...).

All releases will be FREEWARE.
News / devblog

01.05. Preview of full version UI Window
05.04. Sample video on YouTube.
05.04. First public ALPHA release.
05.04. This website launched.
04.04. Working ;)
03.04. Idea for PSD 2 CSS.
Script Downloads

» PSD2CSS v1.0 Alpha [225kB]
(With installer, help and sample .psd file. Tested only in CS3)

» Sample / help video
(at YoutTube)

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